View Full Version : [steam version] 3 Bugs that are kind of obvious that i found so far in both games!

04-13-2019, 03:36 AM
Hi there UBI'S! i found a total of 3 annoying bug's, and i would like to share them with you. First i will start with 2 that i found in [LIBERATION].

1. Right when i open up the game at the press any button screen i always get the message that i am disconnected from uplay even my connection is always up.

2. While synchronizing a viewpoint there are always lags and fps go down to 30 (from 60).

Now to [AC III].

1. When i go into the settings and change the motion blur setting to OFF it will not save and be ON again when i open the game again.


Maybe i will offer myself to work with you guys as bug tester or co developer one day 😁