View Full Version : [AC3 R] Random AC 3 question

04-12-2019, 06:22 PM
I apologize in advance if this is the wrong area to ask this, I usually don't use forums, however last night AC3 Remastered showed up in my games list on Xb1, and I never bought it, I have Odyssey, but not 3. I'm not complaining, just puzzled as to why a game I never bought, it showed up in my purchased game list randomly, I even checked my bank to be sure I didn't accidentally buy it.

04-12-2019, 08:25 PM
AC3R is included with the Odyssey season pass. If you purchased that it probably showed up in your purchases.

04-13-2019, 09:01 PM
Hello Statikinfamy1,

Welcome to the forums! :) Did you buy the season pass for Odyssey? AC 3 Remastered and Liberation are actually included with the season pass of Odyssey, so that could explain why you are seeing the game in your library. I hope that you enjoy it! :o