View Full Version : "No Checkpoint" modifier may randomly break tracks

04-11-2019, 11:56 PM
My friend and I were messing around in private multiplayer and decided to turn off checkpoints just for "fun". We did a few tracks, Venice Beach 360 and Vietnam Vaults worked fine, but then I Fell Tower was next. I crossed the finish line first, thinking I had won, but realized it hadn't counted for some reason. My friend crossed the finish line soon after and it was the same situation, the checkpoint didn't activate. We ran the track a few more times just to make sure and confirmed it, crossing the finish line simply didn't count and we had to exit the game.

We started a fresh lobby afterward and selected I Fell Tower again with the no checkpoint modifier, I crossed the finish line, and the track completed. My friend was able to complete as well. Aside from the creation of the new lobby, we had done nothing differently to make the finish line work, which leads me to believe this can occur randomly with the modifier enabled. We didn't have any issues with completing tracks afterward. Just a heads up to anyone who may consider playing without checkpoints.

04-12-2019, 09:53 PM

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I'll make note of this now.

- Scottie