View Full Version : After patch, stutter reemerges

04-11-2019, 06:11 PM
I fixed my stutter problem that I had when I first got the game by changing some nvidia settings. However after this most recent patch, the stutter came back and for some reason it's only when I am in 1080p. It doesn't matter what refresh rate I choose either: 50hz, 59.9hz, 60hz, or 75hz. They all will stutter immensely even though I get no frame drops (constant 60fps) according to my steam in game fps counter. That tells me it is some sort of sync issue with the game and my monitor. But the strange thing is, when I choose 900p or 720p the game does not stutter at all. So I'm confused as to why this is happening. I'm thinking the most recent patch for some reason messed with 1080p in some way that makes it stutter. How that may be I don't know, maybe for some reason it is ignoring my nvidia settings.

If anyone has a similar experience or knows how to fix it please let me now :)

04-18-2019, 10:25 AM
Hey AbsoluteManic!
I'm sorry to hear that, this issue should have been resolved, would you be able to grab a video of the stuttering on the latest patch?
Please also provide a copy of your Dxdiag (you can paste it here (https://pastebin.com/) and send us the link)

05-02-2019, 06:14 PM
I always had stutter in full screen mode, but I have just fixed it.

Go to your Documents/Trials Rising/SavedGames and open up the local_config in word pad or any other text editor and change the setting that says frame skipper from "true" to "false" save the file and restart your game.

It has finally fixed my full screen woes.