View Full Version : [AC3] AC Series VR Co-Op Possiblity Simple PSVR patch/DLC

04-11-2019, 09:11 AM
I have recently gotten a PSVR, playing Ubisoftís Eagle VR, just like an aged map from AC Unity. Iím wondering if it would be easy enough to implement and official update/patch where a friend on Couch or Online can Co-Op as the bird. (Origins) Support co op where VR player can scout/target enemies, swoop in to attack, etc. .. maybe other stuff too if they want to get creative, would people be into that?? Seems inclusive, fun looking out for an assasin buddy from the sky or whatever, would be cool to do something with new flying skills.

04-11-2019, 09:16 AM
While it definitely sounds interesting, really interesting (not sure if this belong in the AC3 forum, though), but considering how bad Ubisoft are at patching their games within their regular code constraints, not sure if adding something like this without breaking absolutely everything for everyone is even possible.