View Full Version : Garbagge !!!!!Wanted make something better but end up being garbage !!!!!

04-09-2019, 07:46 PM
I am very very dissapointed of this ..i was so excited about it ...as i loved AC Liberation ...it was my number one game from franchise but Odyssey took his place :D ..anyway is garbage ...the fact that you force us play with default keys WASD is garbage !!!! is kind of against rules ...i am sorry to say all this ..as i love you as company i love your games ...mostly the AC franchise but this game ..this game dissapointed me ...it breakes my heart say this but i have no choice today 09.04.2019 on steam ...game have 843 rewiev ..and most of them are negative ...so if you guys dont care about this ..fine dont do it ..but remember many negative rewiev will end up in game being a waste ...and so you wasted your time into remake it ....time you could use do something else ...this being said game is a HUGE DISSAPOINTING GARBAGE !!........from all games i ever played in my life and i played a lot no-one force me play with default keys !!!!!