View Full Version : BTSU Busters--Now recruiting

04-08-2019, 02:49 AM
The Clan has been renamed and all requirements have been relaxed because being too restrictive on who can join really put a strain on my chances of having clan members with me. :(

I've decided to relax the level requirement of my group. ANYONE IS WELCOME and I'll allow the first 24 people to add themselves to this group, now named "DCSDC" (DSD)--hence "District of Columbia Self-Defense Clan". No level requirements, no story progression requirements. The only rules are no infighting or inarguing with other clan members allowed. If you want to PVP each other within my clan, PLEASE ASK FIRST as any PVP without the player's permission will be construed as infighting and inarguing within clan members.

The premise is to help others out and/or to give other players tips on how to conquer very hard missions, Black Tusk Elimination tasks, ideas on how to take on Hard and Challenging Field Tasks solo, though if you are having trouble, you should help. The rules are likely going to be loose in this clan, but keep in mind that it will be moderated to ensure people are nice to each other.

PVE and PVP players are welcome, though this was meant to be more of a PVE group. Again I will update when the need arises.

Most Active Times: Preferably Daily but less than Daily are welcome.

Atmosphere: Relaxed (Don't feel like you're obligated to play the game)

Privacy: Open for the first 24 people

Mic Requirement: Not needed.

Language: English

Region: North America

My gamertag in the XBOX Live engine is mkim31. I'm World Tier 5 at a Gear Score of 507.

04-11-2019, 12:05 AM
If for any reason after Monday CDT I do not get any members in my group, then I'll just relax from "Invite Only" to Open. Hopefully only those who are in the Black Tusk portion of the game come in. Please keep in mind that this was meant for endgame PVE people, though PVP'ers are welcome. I just want to point out that after 24 members I might reserve the right to revert it back to "Invite Only", so if you guys are planning to join this group after I relax the Group Setting a second time, please let me know if you are after the Black Tusk. Thank you.

04-15-2019, 02:59 AM
I had to ease up the requirements once again, and also provide a name change because being restrictive on players being at the Black Tusk portion of the game was a bit too restrictive. I'm going to keep on providing history and edits to the original post to ensure people aren't feeling scared about the restrictions I put on my clan.