View Full Version : SLI? no? Proper pad support? No?

04-30-2010, 08:56 AM
So well done. Another bodged up console port. How can you even fail to correct the wireless 360 controller problems that assassins creed 2 also suffered. How many other non ubisoft games have i played with this problem? Guess? ZERO.

Seriously why are you also shipping a game without crossfireX and SLI support? I dont really care if it scales all that well, even a smallish boost would be acceptable. High profile titles like this should have multiple GPU support out the box, honestly this day and age its not really acceptable. Next time Nvidia offer TWIMTBP ubisoft- take it alright?

I put up with several shoddy ubi Pc ports in the past but this is really enough. Double agent was beyond a joke. This takes the cake