View Full Version : The new samurai hero

04-07-2019, 08:29 PM
So weíre soon going to be upon the hero of my faction and pretty much the only other hero Iím interested in as far as dlc goes ( sorry not sorry Vikings) and Iím very curious on how he/she will be played.

Starting with the weapon. The developers start with the weapon when creating a hero, but I cant Pinpoint the axe that the samurai hero is getting. Some have said itís a modified Ono. Which wouldnít surprise me as far as mod weapons go as they did so with Shinobiís weapon ( itís not a kisurigama , or at least not a true one)

Also the the hero shouldnít be particularly heavy in one area thatíll leave the rest of the kit in the dust. I think a light melee is good and one unblockable attack so you canít be overly defensive against him/her. As much as BP is awesome he has flaws and is very safe but him being safe ( bash wise) is what keeps him floating sometimes. I want a fleshed out kit that at least most moves can be used at all levels of play.

The armor should be heavy looking. I always wanted a fully decked out samurai hero with armor be it metal or wood hybrid with minimal cloth/ light clothing. And I mean bulkier and heavier than BP and Shugo armor alike. But as far as heroís go I donít know how appropriate that would be for a samurai hero even in this game.

And to throw some ideas out. I would imagine the hero would have a debuff or a self buff of some sort. Movement or parry impairing as part of the kit and not feat related. We donít really have something like that yet in a kit. Just stuns and bleeds as Kit debuffs go. Feats are different. Or maybe a self buff to increase damage. Kind of like way of the shark but requires the hero to do an animation instead of requring a status effect on an opponent.

Finally what if the axe had a chain. I could totally see myself flinging an axe around in certain attacks for extended reach ( not Shinobi level) or a cool tornado zone 😂 anyway theorizing over.