View Full Version : [AC3 R] How synced are you so far?

04-06-2019, 07:33 PM
In other words, how far along are you and will you be completing everything?
What are you currently working on? Story? Collectibles? Side missions?
I'm 43% through the trophies and will be going for platinum.

So far:

I've achieved 80% synchronisation.
I've completed sequence 9 (with all constraints to that point done). I'm dragging out the story for as long as possible.
All hunter society challenges completed.
All underground fast travel points discovered - some great parkour puzzles.
All collectibles found.
All inventions for the manor crafted.
All forts captured.
All of New York and Boston liberated.
Done the peg leg/captain Kidd quest line which I forgot how awesome it was. You can really see the Black Flag origins in them. Excellent level design.

I'm now just getting into the Assassin recruit assignments, trying to make them all fully fledged Assassins.
Also now just getting into upgrading the Aquilla and naval missions.

It's taking longer than it should due to the numerous bugs but I'm enjoying the road to platinum.
I can't remember if I got the full gamer score on my 360 but happy to obtain all trophies for my PS4 again even if so.

04-06-2019, 07:42 PM
Honestly, not at all, uninstalled both AC3 and Liberation until some patches have been released. Yes, I am fully aware that that might be the day after never.

04-06-2019, 09:19 PM
Same :/ I got to sequence 3 and decided to put it on the back burner until we get some kind of sign itís going to be patched. I cannot watch the cutscenes without cringing :( Otherwise Iím just going back to my PS3 version.

04-06-2019, 09:42 PM
Don't blame you guys tbh
The only reason why I'm going all the way is because by the time the bugs got to me I was already knee deep and as a completionist I hate abandoning a game so far in.