View Full Version : With the TtL approach now gone...a chance for a PC version?

04-06-2019, 01:40 PM
Dear Starlink Team, dear Ubisoft Team,

I picked up Starlink (Starter Edition) yesterday, despite not being a huge TtL (Toys to Life) fan. Then I did read, that there are no future plans for Toys for any upcoming content and that you can buy a digital edition with everything (except for store exclusives) unlocked.

I kind of thought, that the TtL part was a reason to keep it console-only, but now with the physical aspect gone and also reading, that the sales were below expectations, maybe Ubisoft and the Starlink Team could consider pushing out a PC version. It could lead to more customers.

PS: Please no bashing for asking for a PC version ^^'

EDIT: Back then I actually thought, that it would come to PC, since the german page for Starlink states the following in the page header/title:

"Starlink: Battle for Atlas auf PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC | Ubisoft"