View Full Version : Matchmaking (Breach) and some Suggestions

04-06-2019, 11:53 AM
I 'm just playing Breach, so my Feedback only depends on that Mode.

- The Matchmaking takes a lot of Time to find a Match, above 3 Minutes (I often have 5 to 8 Minutes) is normal - while the Game says "High Activity" for that Mode.
And they are most of the Time totally imbalanced, so i can't follow why it take so much Time. Maybe just put a Random Generator instead, who focus on Nothing while Matchmaking, that will make it faster and i'm pretty sure the Result can't be much bader as in the actual Status.

- The Game crashes more often, very frustrating to be kicked out close to the End of a Breach Match.

- After a Breach Match you get so much Gear you can't salvage in the short Time if you also want to choose a new Map and activate new Orders.
2 Solutions for that: A "Salvage All" Button or get rid of these annoying Gear Popups. Nobody cares about them, you can see your new Gear in the Menu anyway, they just steal your Time.


04-06-2019, 01:05 PM
I would also like to second that salvage all option, as well as a skip all button, you can't even get through all the exp and order completion screens before you get thrown into a new match. This goes for all modes.

I don't play breach often because matchmaking with randoms on breach isn't fun, so I can't comment on that personally, but I like the "salvage all" idea.