View Full Version : Suggestion The 'assassination' skill tree

04-06-2019, 08:07 AM

I just finished with Origin a month ago, put 90 hours into and did everything. Absolutely loved it. AC2, Syndicate and Origins by far my best AC experiences. I'm just paying through odyssey and am about 15 hours in, and the concept of not being able to one hit assassinate is a bit weird. Yeah technically, Alexios is a misthios but the assassinations are the best part. So I basically break down in my head it's as follows:

normal enemy: assassinate as normal
gold enemy: can assassinate, might need the dmg bonus from the skill (depending no level)
elite: no chance of one shot assassination

So, in some missions I could previously just make a beeline to take out the main targets if I wanted to progress or didn;t fancy taking out the entire fort. In Odyssey you can't actually do this. If you head straight for the target, they'll take the stealth attack and start a brawl (1 v 5 etc). It gets a bit tiresome so how about:

[SUGGESTION] Whilst in a fort you get an assassination +dmg multiplier. So for each enemy you clear in stealth, the overall damage goes up so you at least have an option to take the target out a bit earlier.

That way, you don't feel cheated sticking skills in an 'assassin tree', which is the main point of the game for lots of us