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04-03-2019, 12:59 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm beginner at for honor. I have around 300 hours gameplay and rep11 4 characters. But never i can't winning against to arcade mode after stage 4 (yellow game mode) . I'm playing against to 3 fighter, . I'm using 4-5 revenge mode during all chapter but never i can't win.I was play especially with Kensei and my char is rep 9 and gear lwl 150

Coudl you assist me ?

04-03-2019, 09:03 PM
The way you beat the level 3 AI in this game is by turtling all the time. Only attack when guaranteed (parries, guardbreaks, deflects), throw in guardbreaks which have a set chance to work, defend. Forget about about 400ms lights, forget about 500ms bashes, they don't work. No offense that isn't guaranteed works. Here's a little example:


As you can see, even external Crushing Counters are obsolete. Frustrating, but that's how they made the AI. Try to get a guardbreak or parry while you're in revenge and perform your max punish, twice if possible. If they start turtling when you're in revenge, do an empty hard feint, that always triggers a reaction from them. It's true that sometimes you could get really nasty modifiers and debuffs, but you can always just reset. Some quests are easier than others. Focus on countering the bots' offense either way, and you'll make it.

If you can't reliably counterattack, you just need more time on the game. It's difficult to guess your skill level from just your hours.