View Full Version : [AC3 R] Few things that Iíve noticed

04-02-2019, 11:56 PM
1. In one of the privateer naval contracts, not sure which but one of the first three, thereís an optional objective to sink 3 ships by ramming them, it only accepts the ram if you hit them in the very front of your ship, if you hit them slightly off to the side it doesnít count, which is slightly irritating.

2. In the third story mission of sequence 6, the Boston Tea Party you cannot use the recruit riot ability, or even select it as it disappears entirely, which makes no sense since in the cutscene Adams says that we need to use the crowdís anger to our advantage and Chappeau says to just say the word, and that is his ability.

3. This one is aesthetic, but why the hell was the colour of Naval missions in the dna tracker changed from red to orange? Not only is that completely unnecessary, but it makes no sense since beforehand all the dna sequences were coloured red, white, and blue (not in that order), which makes sense because of the flag. Now itís white, blue, and orange. That is stupid, change it back.