View Full Version : Ubi? A game mode for better balancing

04-02-2019, 10:12 PM
Was wondering if this type of game mode is possible? I posted this 4 days ago and didn't get any response by ubi so I'm posting it again as its been long enough.

A game mode where it's 4v4 players plus 12v12 bots (or whatever) and the objective is to kill all the bots first. Give the bots tickets. Feats are earned by killing bots and feats only work against bots. The bots will be leveled according to the skill discrepancy between the teams or if a player quits. It would need a large map like Citadel. The bots would not have feats or revenge. It could be based on tickets then points. A game based on time. After 15 min (or whatever) if all tickets on both teams for bots are deleted and all bots dead then it goes to dominion points scored. If all bots and tickets on enemy teams are deleted/dead and you still have a even a single bot alive your team win the game.

Trump win: if all enemy bots and enemy teammates die at the same time your team automatically wins as fear would set in on the battlefield without any heros so the minions would flee.

Some other ideas I had (not really important) :
1. Make a 1v1 extra zone on B called the "kill box/king of the mountain" to help prevent ganking in dominion. ( I discussed this a long time ago).

2. Get rid of stagger when hit by minions. It's just annoying to be constantly hitting the run button and the animation when minions stagger a hero looks stupid. Players would still get damaged from minions attack though. Just add more damage to compensate for the deletion of minions abilityto staggered. It takes a toll on the controller having to constantly hit the run button.

3. Fifth feat idea: player can opt out of his four feats and choose a fifth feat that activates via a high kill streak like legendary unstoppable or godlike. This feat grants them a level 3 bot for the rest of the game with a 30 second respawn timer when killed, customized and choosen from the players own character customizations. This bot has all its feats. The 5th feat option is for those that want a challenge in objective game modes. The bot will listen to your command. If give the order to capture B, the bot will leave your side and go try to capture B.

5. When an old player quits, is kicked or replaced by a bot the new bot and new player thereafter will have a respawn shield, the same health, location, and the same feat level as the player or bot it is replacing.

6. All guard break and pin attemps will show up in the middle of where the joystick/mouse icon is located on the guard indicator.