View Full Version : [TU7] [SWITCH] Just Dance 2019 Patchnotes April 2, 2019

04-02-2019, 02:15 PM
Hello Just Dancers!

We are excited to announce the newest patch for Just Dance 2019 on Switch! The improvements within were made with your help, taking into account the feedback you have, and continue to provide.

Please see below for more information on the improvements coming in the update.


When online with Just Dance Unlimited time, some players could not load the Just Dance Unlimited catalog in the songs tab. This is now fixed and the Just Dance Unlimited songs should display properly going forward.


Scores, Dancers of the Week and other aspects of the World Dance Floor previously compromised can no longer be manipulated by external sources.


General improvements to connectivity were made to fix the kicks and disconnections players experienced when playing World Dance Floor.


Fixes to the Titles database were made so that the Dancer of the Week’s Titles will display correctly, as this was sometimes incorrect.

While the above notes are intended for an update on the Switch platform, we are also hard at work to bring these same updates to our other platforms. We understand the frustrations that issues can cause, so it will never be our intention to hold an update that could improve the experience for our players. For this reason, since we had the Xbox One update and now the Switch update ready to go, we decided to release them as they become available. We will always work hard to get fixes to you, our players, as quickly as we can.

We thank you for your patience in this regard, and we promise to have the updates to our PS4 and Wii U players as soon as possible.