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04-01-2019, 07:29 PM
Hello South Park Teams.

Myself and a few other teams have made a Community Server to help smaller teams grow that have a hard time in team wars, getting event done, finding members in general. The goal is to get team past 3000 points in team wars and complete events. The cap for this server is 3000 points. However I know people will break that cap at some point. What does that mean if my team is in the server? Nothing you can stay chat, help other teams give feedback etc.

If you are simply a player looking for a team, you are absolutely welcome to join and see if any of the teams suit you, we have 10-15 teams in there already looking for players and merges

For teams that score over 3k.

No disrespect is intended and we know there are many great teams out there and we respect you a lot. However we believe current facilities serve your teams more than adequately to find people and most of you are thriving. This discord is for the purpose of smaller teams to help them grow in number and do well in events and team wars to where they don't need to stress in finding members. We don't mind if people join to chat and give advice. You will be given the helper role but if it becomes to packed by the role it will be invite only and have some clean up. Hope you can understand my reasoning.

If you are a leader of a Team let me know or another leader and a role will be made for you, same with co leader and elders. You get to pick the color that represents your team name. Everyone on your team is welcome to join and chat with other teams and have a fun time.

My goal is to get you and your team what you need. So if you are wanting to grow and build up this will be the server for YOU!! All types of teams are welcome. Happy to help your team grow. Come on over to the Hangout zone and lets all kick BUTT!!

Here is a link to the server


04-02-2019, 01:36 AM
Total asscheeks team leader here! I love the community in sppd hangout :) helps a lot with recruiting! Besides that we all share advice, and our grief over the team wars, and the awesome loot we score. It's fun mmmkay! So come on over and hang out with us.

04-08-2019, 03:21 PM
ParkSouth4Life approves this message :p