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04-01-2019, 03:50 PM
Hello Spacers,

We are deploying a fix that requires all players to install Title Update 1.5.

Warning: If a player tries to accept an invite (matchmaking, private or team up) from a player who has not yet updated, they will get a Server Error 39. Updating to version 1.5 is required.

Below are the patch notes. For more information on Space Junkies' near future, check our recent development update (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/2026870).



EmptyGun Grenade

Damage : 400 -> 250
SelfDamage : 20% -> 40%

Damage Max per bullet (Up to Near Distance) : 20 -> 25
Damage Min (from far distance to max distance) : 5 -> 7
Full damage up to : 5m -> 20m
MinDamage from : 38m
Max shoot distance : 70m -> 60m
Damage Multiplier HS : X4 -> X2
Damage Multiplier Body : X2 -> No multiplier
Damage Multiplier ARMS-LEGS : No multiplier -> X 0.75


Min Reload Time : 1.35 s -> 1.2 s

Nb Projectile per shot : 25
Damage Max per projectile : 40
Damage Min per projectile (from far distance to max distance) : 5 -> 1
Full damage up to : 4m -> 4 m
MinDamage from : 25m -> 16m
Max shoot distance : 30m -> 18m

Ammos 160 units -> 120 units
Full damage up to : 40m -> 30m
Damage Min per projectile (from far distance to max distance) : 5 -> 1
Damage Multiplier HS : X1.5 -> No multiplier
Damage Multiplier Body : No Multiplier
Damage Multiplier ARMS : 0.7 -> 0.75
Damage Multiplier LEGS: 0.5 -> 0.75


Damage Max per bullet (Up to Near Distance) : 8 -> 20
Damage Min (from far distance to max distance) : 1 -> 5
Ammos : 100 -> 150
Max ammo : 200 -> 300
Damage Multiplier HS : X 6 -> X1.5
Damage Multiplier Body : X2.5 -> No multiplier
Damage Multiplier ARMS: No multiplier -> 0.75
Damage Multiplier LEGS: 0.9 -> 0.75
Full damage up to : 50m -> 26m
MinDamage from : 80 m to 100m -> 55 m to 100


Rocket speed : 14m/s -> 20m/s
Damage Min 150hp -> 170hp
Detection Radius : 3m -> 2m
Explosion Size Radius : 5m -> 3.5m

Explosion Radius : 8m -> 5m
Damage Min : 140 -> 100
Damage Max : 400 ->345


Duration : 3.5 -> 4.5
Cooldown : 10 -> 6.5
Impact radius scale : 7 -> 5

Sonar Duration 1.5 -> 2.25
Cooldown 7 sec -> 12 sec

Damage Min : 200 -> 75
Damage Max : 400 -> 200

Other fixes and improvements include:

[FIXED] Crash when muting players
[FIXED] Improved information reported by the crash uploader
[FIXED] A crash that can happen when looking at the watch quickly after spawning
[FIXED] A freeze that can happen randomly when a player disconnects
[FIXED] Minor bug fixes

04-01-2019, 05:41 PM
Thank you for considering psvr players.
I think the best thing is to add the ability to customize the controls.
1. On the joypad there must be the possibility of a viewfinder in the center of the screen linked not to the viewer but to the JOYPAD OR AIM CONTROLLER. In this way one has the possibility to look around to see where the enemies are, to TURN and hook the target. I see it very practical for the joypad the movements like the normal fps (apex legends example): lever right down I look below, up I look up, right I look to the right NOT A SHOT, left even so.
2. Option of not having 2 weapons in hand, but one at a time you can change.
3. I believe that for the connection with pc players, there must be a difference of health points taken away with each shot: for pc it is much easier, so the health points that take away from ps4 players must be lower to play "at par" .
The game is very nice, but unfortunately the hateful controllers that Sony doesn't want to change to adapt to the times don't allow a satisfying game.
If you do not take into consideration these problems encountered by the players, I doubt that they will want to continue playing: I tried against PCs, after 5 minutes I removed the possibility against PCs, and after 10 minutes I also removed against PS4. With controller so you can't play, the urge passes. Please take into consideration the possibility of configuring the controls at will.
Thanks for the changes, but as already commented the game is not satisfying because of the very bad controls. Implement the use of aim controller, and also the use of ps move. Enter AT LEAST the instructions in Italian, and more important than all the ADJUSTABLE controls according to everyone's needs. The game would be very nice, but it still has many gaps that prevent players from playing.