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03-31-2019, 06:07 AM
The division 2 is not a generic shooter nor is it anything like division one in terms of the combat system ! I know so many of you are having a hard time especially with how you take damage in combat so hereís a basic lesson in ďcombat sustainĒ

A elastic band ! You pull both ends but the band pulls back this is pretty much how sustain works in division 2 !

HOTs (heal over time) a constant ongoing heal to fight against incoming dps ! No hot you die itís that simple

During combat when you are shooting you usually are also taking dmg from the npc .. your Armor goes down you HOT pushes it back up

You need survivabilty ! There are sooo many ways to improve you HOTs effectiveness these are known as buffs stacking these allows you to take damage while doing damage in a much more sustainable way .. your Armor should go up and down constantly when you are in combat (except sniper builds) < more high single target timing dps playstyle rather than sustain during doing dps

Max Armor - this is basicly how long you can sustain while doing dmg more Armor stat longer you can do damage for and how many targets you can actually take dps from while having your HOT sustain you

Max health - pretty much how much time you have to react when a sudden change in incoming dps happens and your sustained HOT becomes too low < itís not very long time to react ! Be on point

A simple example and set up to sustain in harder content

Enter cover drop healing hive
Start shooting
You take damage while shooting
Hive healing kicks in and starts to sustain your incoming dps
Armor bar is moving up and down
Your sustain buys you enough time (survivabilty) to kill your target
He dies you live

Harder content high sustain set up (basic)

Healing hive or fixer drone
Chem launcher heal great short but massive burst HOT when you need extra sustain

safeguard / killl enemy huge boost to your HOTs effectiveness

Patience / strong passive HOT while in cover

Clutch / small healing upon landing crit

Rooted / boost to healing for being in cover and having weapon with the talent equipped

Unbreakable / recover 25% Armor when Armor is depleted

Preservation (weapon) killing npc repairs 5% Armor over 3 seconds

These all stacked together and bit of practice how to make it all work together you will be able to sustain mass amount of incoming dmg while killing npc relentlessly at the same time

This is combat sustain and this is how to play correctly without out it you get wrecked by npcís ! This is the new combat system for division 2 and itís great ! Learn adapt practice and destroy

I would also advise learning how to use crowd control properly - google it

And how certain situations mechanics work and how to deal with them - example the enemy start a push (dps race) < basic tactic to counter .. crowd control - dps - npc recover from cc - repeat from the start (not enough total group dps you die or get out in a bad position (forced to move)

Anyway peoples hope this helps you all understand the games combat system well a essential part of it anyway


03-31-2019, 06:17 AM
^Long description....

Short Description: Division 1 1.0 build again being Max Firearm, ignore everything else, and spam healing skills/passives.

03-31-2019, 06:26 AM
Not really thatís a bad idea but if that works for you good job Iíd hate to be the guy picking you up every few mins

Max firearms doesnít give near enough survivabilty

Pvp though yes your pretty much correct dude

03-31-2019, 06:34 AM
However, this is one of the issues Division 1 suffered from during the early years because skill power and defense power lacked enough effect to make any noticable different with damage from skills being quite low compared to just maxing Firearm for maximum gun damage and spamming healing to cover any damage taken. A issue the developers wanted to avoid in Division 2 again but ended up repeating again.

03-31-2019, 01:50 PM
Yeah early days of div 1 really was just like that but this time you really canít afford to go max firearms

Max firearms from pvp view is not to bad of a build purely because many other players donít really have setups yet

The only time a max firearms set up seem to work best is when you get the drop on the other player while he is not buffed up and attempt to gank them but the cost for making a mistake is pretty much death

From what Iíve learned so far is countering builds is more effective than straight up burst dps builds. With healing being HOTs not burst healing now itís made glass cannon builds risky to play

That being said with no mods on my skills I can usually sustain a 1vx when the mods get fixed we will see firearms builds be at even more of a disadvantage... I really donít rate pure burst dps this time round unless itís a vector build then you can get away with it

Excluding the two meta builds the only other glass cannon build I seen work super well is the attack drone / turret and shotgun gank build 😈 that thing is evil and can negate so much of the players healing

The 5th will determine how the tables go between sustain vs firearms build but right now max firearms is only good for the gank or against bad players , looking forward to 5th the game already has so many viable effective builds 😃