View Full Version : New Kinds of Impossible Scores on the WDF

03-30-2019, 08:44 PM
The WDF has been better for me the past few days. No disconnects for me. (Knock on wood.)

But today I ran into a new issue. When the second song of a classic tournament finished, with the scorecard of Perfects, Supers, Goods, and OK's showing, there was a bit of a delay. I was thinking to myself, "Please don't disconnect." It didn't disconnect, for which I'm grateful. But...

On the next screen where it would show our scores for the song, my score was 0 (even though I completed the entire dance without any X's). Several other players also had 0's. There was one 12000 and there were a few other scores below that. The song was OMG (main version), and there were many excellent dancers online who ordinarily hit 13,000's.

Yet on the next screen, where it shows the total so far for the first 2 dances, I had 26,000, so evidently the WDF did count my second song after all, and according to other scores that I saw on the leaderboard, others who also received "0" for the second song were up in the 25,000 to 26,000 range.

But there were a few scores at the top of the leaderboard with over 30,000 points after "two" dances, which would be impossible.

After the third dance, I had 39,000 and was in 6th place. But first place was 45,000 and there were two other scores in the 40,000's, which is impossible for three dances since the max score on a song is 13,333.

This is different than other scoring issues that I've seen. I had seen scores of 20,000 for Dance of the Week, and scores of 0 (or maybe it was 1 or minus 1) for Dancer of the Week, or a Score of 0 at the top of the leaderboard. Before you join the WDF, it also shows a ridiculous number of stars earned for two of the scrolling message stats (this has been there for weeks).

Anyway, I'm happy that I wasn't disconnected. Plus, I improved my score on the first dance of the tournament. I just wanted to report this issue. I know the Just Dance team is working on the WDF (thank you!).

04-01-2019, 01:07 AM
Thank you for sharing this with us. I'll make a note of it for sure!