View Full Version : [AC3 R] Lexington Database Entry glitched?

03-30-2019, 04:26 PM
Does anybody know how to trigger the database entry for Lexington?

I remember the database entry for Lexington being really difficult to pop being a glitch in the original AC3 and I had hoped they'd fixed in the Remaster but apparently not.

I've only been there as Haytham but I ran all over that ******* town and no Database entry!

There's one for Concord and one for the Battle of Lexington and Concord but there doesn't seem to be one for Lexington!

The weird thing is I know there is a database entry - it's in the AC Wiki and in one of my saves in the PS3 Version I actually managed to get it but can't remember how I did it but I do remember it took me ages and it was in a really random spot yet it should be triggering the second you step foot in the town.

If someone knows a sure-fire way of triggering the database entry let me know and maybe pass the problem onto Ubisoft so they can fix it in a Patch? If it's hard-coded in maybe change it so you automatically get it the first time you go into the Frontier with Haytham like they did with Greek Fire and the Thieves Database Entry for AC Revelations in the Ezio Collection?