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03-29-2019, 10:30 PM
Hey guys,
I have been playing the Division for a long time and have countless hours invested into it. Yes, I was a nomad. Personally I donít get what the big deal about nomad was, especially when I was killed just as many times as someone without nomad (because I was doing 1v4 a lot of the time). I am getting off topic. I now am vigorously playing and unlocking content in the Division 2 and I have some questions that I hope the devs or the community could answer. Here they are:

1. I have already retrieved 2 hunter masks while playing solo and am trying to get the rest. I am a little confused about when the exact in-game time is considered night. Is it 18:00 that night starts? If not, please let me know.
2. I know 1 in-game minute is equivalent to 5 seconds in real life. That means 1 in-game hour would be 5 minutes in real life. I am assuming night lasts 12 hours and day lasts 12 hours as well, right? So does that mean night lasts for only 1 hour in real life?
3. This one is for the devs: Why does the armor kit take sooooooo long to use? I am a PvP and PvE guy. PvE it is just fine, however in PvP I have only successfully used an armor kit like only 2% of the time. Is it true armor kits are basically for PvE only? Is that intended? Because healing yourself in PvP in the Division 2 is horrible. In Division 1 it was a little too much in PvP, but the devs went way too far in regards to Division 2. Can you guys cut it back by like 1 second or something? Because I think it takes 4 whole seconds to do an armor kit. By that time I am crushed into the ground when I could have been fighting back. So basically, armor kits are PvE only. To the community: How do you feel armor kits are working for PvP? Are they taking too long for you, or do you think it is where it should be? Personally, I am getting a little annoyed at the fact I rarely can use armor kits in PvP.
4. Everyone in PvP seems to still be using high-RPM weapons. Are high-RPM weapons still the meta for Division 2? If so, what is the best sub machine gun to use with the highest RPM vs damage? Vector? P90?

Hopefully some of these questions can be answered. I love the Division 2 and I rarely play Division 1 anymore, however sometimes I do if I wanna go around hunting manhunts. I canít wait to see what new content will be added.
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03-29-2019, 11:56 PM
Welcome to the forums, washingtonmagma. While the armor kits are not 'for PvE only,' using them while in an engagement with another player is certainly a more committed decision to make. Especially if your opponent knows you are trying to heal, it can make you an easy target. But remember that they need to worry about the same decision should they get dangerously low, too.

There are alternative ways of healing less armor more quickly. Such as the Healing Chem Launcher, which has 3 charges and can be dropped at your feet to heal 1/3 - 1/2 of your armor back in a short time.

When it comes to high RPM weapons, I've found that keeping a solid distance and using the range/damage dropoff against SMGs can prove highly effective where applicable... Shotguns for where not.

I'm curious to see others' answers to your questions though! Hope this helps!

03-30-2019, 12:09 AM
If you ask me in general yes armour kits do take long time even in pve i barely use them because it is more easy to utilize some talents and chem launcher. In pvp i think it is fine but yeah duration is long enough to get you killed. Regarding best SMG use vector only as it is the meta and to counter it use the one shot sniper or a CHC Assault rifle build. PVP is very different in D2 and kind of call of duty types with little bit skill involved. Skillpower builds are dead which was the uniqueness of division, tank builds are dead. All you have is firearms. I personally played a lot of pvp in D1 but D2 pvp is boring after sometime and not worth my time. PVE content is good though.

P.S. DZ is a dead place both for pvp n pve. I myself play D1 if i want to experience DZ again.

03-30-2019, 01:00 AM
Awesome. Thank you for the replies guys! Now, back to hunting the hunters! I know that one of the hunter missions spawns 3 of them, right? That is going to be hard, but worth it.

One time a hunter almost followed me into a safe house haha. This actually happened to someone else on xbox one. The clip was hilarious. The hunter was just chillin in the safe house with all the other agents.

To the devs: Is there any plan to add some type of hunter mission in the dark zone? Would be interesting to have like a checkpoint fight. Obviously they wouldn't be able to take over the checkpoint, but maybe a checkpoint supply drop with like 5 hunters vs. some players and the auto-turrets. I am interested in seeing what new content is on the way! Love the Div2!

03-30-2019, 01:37 AM
Since it wasn't mentioned before, the "night" starts at 19:00 in-game.
Also, I'm pretty sure each in game minute is 2.5 seconds long so a full day/night cycle takes 1 hour. 30 minutes of Night 30 minutes of daytime.

The Vector seem to be the SMG everyone is talking about for PvP but I don't personally participate in PvP so I'm not sure.