View Full Version : Pvp or conflict bug may be

03-29-2019, 04:04 PM
Right I downed a player in conflict he hit the deck but instantly got back up with full health and armour it was to quick for the hive and if a player had picked him up he would only have health so not to sure but like I say he def dropped and others are saying the same every time he dropped he got straight back up
Are there any talents or perks Iíve missed

03-29-2019, 04:05 PM
The only thing you missed is that DZ is full of cheaters.

03-29-2019, 04:07 PM
idk, maybe lag. Need a video or way more information.

03-30-2019, 06:17 AM
Its also happened to me today, a few times I have just got back up after being downed in separate matches and watched it happen before me both to a teammate and to a guy I downed - this is all in conflict matches with no hive equipped.

Odd, only seen it happen today, at first I thought it was a feature to combat the instagib rifle.

03-30-2019, 06:22 AM
i'd be more keen to attribute it to some kind of talent/perk mixed in with latency.

like if he has bonus armor while in cover but you 1shot him as he was going into cover. he wouldve been dead but the bonus armor barely kept him alive, then thanks to latency you saw him dead a fraction of a second, because p2p and no dedicated servers...
something like that.

i know i stayed alive while hearing the death sound on some occasions thanks to the sharpshooter bonus armor while in cover. maybe the talent that gives bonus armor while reloading could do the same thing too.

idk, but it sounds like an issue related to latency and/or client side check vs server side check.

*edit: you say he went back to full health , that doesn't quite fit my story ;) don't mind me then.