View Full Version : THE IRON WOLVES are recruiting

03-29-2019, 02:06 PM
Greetings, Agents.

I am currently recruiting for THE IRON WOLVES.

What started as a Destiny Clan has now branched out into other games, and we are now looking to fill our Division division!

There are no unreasonable requirements for joining the clan, all we ask is you be respectful of your fellow clan mates...although we do joke a lot and give each other a hard time so try to come with a tough skin!


players ranging from casual to hardcore
accepting of all genders, religions, disabilities, ages, race
mic preferable, but not essential
some members of the clan use BAND app for chat and event creation, ideal but not essential
no skill limitations
members from around the world
eventually looking to implement weekly event scheduling, e.g. raids
constantly growing and improving how we operate as a clan
weekly giveaways of puppies and kittens!

If you join our Division division and are also interested in joining the Destiny division, then this is something we can look to accommodate.

If your interested in joining, then drop me a message on here or send me a message/add me on XBL (GT: lemon difficult) and i will send you a clan invite the next time I log in.

See you in D.C!