View Full Version : What happened?

03-29-2019, 05:32 AM
The forum said the game would be able to download at 12am local time but still it doesn't even pop up in the playstation store. What's going on?

03-29-2019, 07:01 AM
Yes, WHERE IS IT?????

It's one am local time now. I have to be up in five hours, and stayed up specifically to start the download before I went to bed. It's STILL not there, and I have restarted my PS4 Pro twice in case it was just my particular store not updating.

This seems to be an issue for lots of people.

WTF is going on?

If you would allow pre-loading for consoles, we wouldn't have this problem.

03-29-2019, 07:12 AM
Exactly, and there is another guy saying he downloaded it already but he won't tell me how.

03-29-2019, 07:15 AM
If there's an update let me know

03-29-2019, 08:19 AM
i cant find it anywhere ether i dont understand

03-29-2019, 09:23 AM
Bump, having same issue.

03-29-2019, 11:36 AM
If you go into the PlayStation Store and go to new the game should be listed there.

If you cannot see the game please confirm which country you are from and provide a screenshot.

Also if the game is not showing there try searching the PlayStation Store online:


You can then add the game to your cart, checkout then add the game to your download list on the PS4.

03-29-2019, 12:18 PM
Can't find it on the store by using your link. I am in the USA central time

03-29-2019, 12:22 PM
I'm having the same problem. I live in usa and no download.

03-29-2019, 12:43 PM
Hi guys,

I can confirm this is a known issue and it is being investigated. Please keep checking this thread (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/2026531-March-29th-2019-Availability-Assassin-s-Creed-3-Remastered-PSN?p=14088470#post14088470) for updates:

I apologise for the inconvenience caused.

03-29-2019, 01:58 PM
Well, I genuinely appreciate you letting us know, and thanks for keeping us updated.

03-29-2019, 02:42 PM
I have missed playing this or any assassin creed with the Desmond real life play style and story line. I have owned every one of the main AC entries and have beat them all and currently have all that PS4 has to offer I was hoping to play this it was part of the reason I bought the Gold Edition. Please fix it soon or at least give us a update itís already 0841 in the morning where I am in the USA my play time is getting shorter and shorter.

03-29-2019, 02:43 PM
Pretty disappointed in this, the remaster has been rather heavily promoted and Ubisoft went out of their way to specify what time it'd launch. 7 hours later in Pacific time zone and still no launch.