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03-29-2019, 01:03 AM
Dear Developers,

you said you don't want the strenght levels to always change. But that is the way of improvement. On paper, you can not really design everything with pinpoint perfection.

Examples: you made shugoki very irritating to play against in 1v1, but at the same time, you made it possible to roll out from everything he hast. Or if you block an orochi stormrush, you can backdodge any followups. You can always safely dodge back if the aramusha goes for the finisher mixup. Some heroes, like Peacekeeper and Nobushi has optionselects that invalidate almost any mixups. Black Prior has a move that deals 17 damage (20 in the past) without the slightist risk on his end, safe for a few very specific opponents. Nuxia traps are jokes despite how hyped they were, which made her hands down the least popular pick (I don't joke, from 200 duels in the last monts, I fought ONE, and even she was about level 16).

So, what do you risk at this point? Two characters are sitting at the top for more than a year now, Shugoki was the undisputed worse from the Onicharge nerf until the rework, Peacekeeper was the crowned queen for a full year and a beggar for 8 months now, Aramusha and Centurion are totally worthless, Shinobi remains the ugliest thing who was clearly designed for a different game, and the list goes on.

If you would speed up the rework process, we would all be understanding if you would overbuff/overnerf some heroes more, because:

1. We would see more life in the game.
2. We would know that broken things won't remain broken for a year.

You would also see your reworks more in practice. After you released the Black Prior with a totally unpunishable shieldbash which is universally despised even by those who happen to main him (like me), and you thought that +1 damage on lights for Peacekeeper would do anything against some S tiers, we know that even if you take the time, you don't do an absolutely perfect job. And to be honest, waiting months and playing an underpowered hero while hoping for a rework, only to get smiley patch on an amputated limb discourages us. If there would be anything similar on the market, I would have left long ago, just like some of your remaining players, so it is very lucky your initial idea was this great.

Sorry if this was a bit harsh, but I am on the verge of leaving for good, and I thought I would write down my biggest concerns.

03-29-2019, 02:07 AM
Couldn't say it better if I tried really couldn't

03-29-2019, 09:42 AM
I've said it before & i'll say it again, small balance changes in an ongoing manner make a game seem alive. Doing nothing for 3-6 months, then sledghammering (for better or worse) and leaving agian for another 3-6 months makes a game feel directionless (even if that may be a false impresson)

I mean how hard was it when conq was reworked to realise hes now (talking at the time) a step ahead, and have 'release now conq' and 'update with next gen of character conq' ready to go when new DLC dropped or he started aging. Don't just let him take roids for 3 months while the game catches up

03-29-2019, 10:11 AM
Would be great if only ONE of them dev could have an understanding of the current state of the game and player frustration is becoming now JUST LIKE YOU !!!!...

But they don't play as much as us... so it goes litterally right over their head