View Full Version : Message to Developers of Monopoly Plus

03-28-2019, 07:20 AM
I am genuinely very upset. I have always loved monopoly and the online versions I have played have been phenomenal at removing the busy work from playing it in real life.

When I saw this game I was super excited, I didn't think anyone would spent money developing a commercial "high quality" product for this game. I am very sad to see I was right.

This game is simply not finished. Much of my problems seem to be kludges that were added during development to let them continue working that were then forgot about. There is no reason for there to be such a large delay between functions (IE, roll the dice- they finally land, then it waits 3 seconds before showing them to you, then 3 seconds before taking them away... there is just so much time spent waiting for the game to realize the last thing it was doing is over before it moves onto the next task).

You've built a system of custom rules but made it so we cant pick and choose. It would be unbelievably easy to make each one of the rules a check box before clicking a confirm button. So one of two things has happened here. The developers believe their users to be so stupid that they couldn't possibly know what they think is fun. OR the developers simply couldn't be bothered to spend an hour or 2 (could be as fast as a 10-20 minutes but im assuming that they've made this whole thing a hardcoded mess) adding this feature. In fact I looked up and people have found unbelievably stupid ways around this by clicking so fast that they select multiple before it switches menu.

What this tells me was that you guys probably planned on making it a toggle but couldn't be bothered to add a continue button to the ui so you just kludged it and released.

I spent 30 minutes playing this game got around the board maybe 4 times due to how long was spent on the game sitting idle before executing commands. Overall I love the idea, the graphics are pretty good. However you need to actually consider that your users should be allowed to make choices. Things should be configurable. Certain displays and animations should have settings to disable them. People can read much faster than you give them credit for. If nothing else add a bar with a configurable "speed" which would increase the tick speed. IE you could make it so 3 seconds are processed in 1 second.

I would appreciate if you guys would fix these issue but I'd honestly be surprised to just get the basic PR response.