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03-27-2019, 05:20 AM
Hello One And All I Go By Esscrin!

So as i See it There's Some Stuff You Do and Don't Want to Do Tell End Game so Lets Start!

1. Don't skip ahead in the main quests to play with friends!

As of 3/15/2019, there are several bugs right now that can slow or even stop progression if you do things out of order.

When Ubisoft releases patches for the game in the future, things will likely get better, but as of now what you should

do is play the missions as they become available and enjoy the story and lore until you hit level 30, at which point

progression bugs stop being that large of an issue. If you're interested in accessing the endgame as fast as possible,

you can join a friend with a higher gearscore to get your own up faster.

2. Collect faction keys and save them up for endgame!

The faction specific boxes they open (they look like ammo boxes with faction paint on them) drop gear that scales with

world tier, so save them until you start farming exotics at endgame. Even high-end drop rates are quite generous!

(at this time i can not confirm that the boxes Drop Exotic Gear or Classified Set Gear)

This Gamer Had A "Talk With A Dev" and they told him there will be Brand sets and Gear Sets


3. Donate to projects as you get them!

They give you blueprints for useful gear, mods, and weapons, so save any excess gear drops and donate them

to project managers when you have the opportunity.

4. Don't open The Yellow SHD Crate in supply rooms in control points until endgame!

Once again, they drop gear that scales with world tier, and the yellow SHD caches are one of the places that

can drop gear that has 450 gear score and Give Good amounts of XP to earn you Proficiency Cache's for Gear 451 and as far as i can tell go up to 454 but i thank should go up more i thank we can get to 475.

The yellow chest resets at endgame every time an enemy faction takes over a check point. Starting at WT4 the check points are placed on alert. Doing activities around a check point increases the alert level (increasing check point difficulty and loot). The higher the alert the more loot you get.

This loot highly beneficial as we always get a gear piece, weapon and a skill or gear mod out of it.

Also weapon and gear caches (small ones) reset once every 24 hrs while resource caches reset once every 12

5. Grab all the SHD Tech caches as they become available!

They will allow you to learn more skills and perks, and grabbing them early will save you from having to grab themonce

enemies get stronger at endgame.

6. Remember to mod your gear, guns AND skills!

Yes, you can mod all three, and skill mods have a skill-power requirement before they are activated.

7. Avoid doing activities unless you need them for a project!

The time investment in doing them isn't worth the small amount of experience and loot you get from them.

8. Save side missions for the last 5 levels!

By the time you hit the end of the main story missions, you should be around level 24-25, and will only have

strongholds left to do. Side missions are really helpful to boost your level, as they always provide one third of your

level as experience.

(For instance if you need 300k exp to level up, side missions will provide 100k Exp)

9. Save Dark Zone missions for endgame!

If you wait until level 30 you can do the missions and get easy gear, as all of the NPCs won't spawn and other players

won't bother you. Landmark caches do not open, but you can take the time to learn each map and get free gear

along the way!

10. Gearing up at endgame!

So to gear up fast after you Complete the last Stronghold you can do this 2 way's!

1, To advance through each world tier up to WT4, you need to clear a Stronghold and the two missions needed to access it, and also hit a certain gear score which you can

see on the map. Complete each of the two missions anda few control points afterward is one of the fasterways to get the necessary gear score.

2, or you can just have a friend boost you by having you join his server then do Strongholds, Control Point'sBounty's for better gear. this way is the fasts way i have found.

11. Skill's to start out with!

Flame turret provides fantastic crowd control even against juggernaut enemies, and both the reinforcer chem

launcher and fixer drone (Drone seams to bug out and crash the game 3/15/2019) will give you a lot of

self-sustainability. The reviver hive can also pick you up if you go down even when you're playing solo.

Beyond that, you can pick skills mainly based on personal preference.

Thanks for reading this guide! If you have any questions, feel free to add me on Uplay (username Esscrin)

YouTube Video Brake Down Guide https://youtu.be/cxL3oZy3MaI

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Some good advice in here +1