View Full Version : Obtaining permission to use Blood Dragon music during Twitch streams?

03-27-2019, 04:53 AM

I don't know where else I have to ask for this.

I'm slowly building my Twitch channel, and one thing I like to do is using Free / Public Domain music during intermissions, or whenever I'm about to go Live, or when I go AFK. For example, for the "Stream Starting Soon" screen I'd be playing something in the background for a couple of minutes while I adjust my settings or make myself a coffee or something. Then when I come back I stop the music and resume the stream. I would repeat that process with some other music if I use the "Be Right Back" screen, and the same again when finishing the stream with the "Ending Soon" screen.

So, one thing I always wondered about is the following...

I'm not actually 'new' to Twitch. As a soon-to-be content creator and "Twitcher" myself, yes. But as a Twitch watcher and consumer, no. And what I often observe (and hear, literally) is that many streamers use obviously licensed / copy-righted music the same way I do with the various intermission screens. Not only that, but they sometimes just plain and simple play licensed background music while playing a game and just chatting with people.

With this said, what I wonder about is:

1) Did they ask permission to do so? If not, what are the risks for them? Copy right strikes? Channel taken down? Entire stream muted?
2) If they did ask for permission, then what are the steps to follow to obtain permission? Did they have to pay for a license or something along the lines?

Now, I'm asking about this because I myself would LOVE it if I got permission to use the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon's Soundtrack (any of the tracks in it). I would use them the way I described earlier, to add to the channel's vibe and atmosphere. Because I LOVE the Blood Dragon soundtrack.

Now there's the complete 'unknown' factor kicking in. I simply do not know what to do and where to ask if I want to be officially permitted to use the game's soundtrack. Obviously, I thought about the composer(s) themselves. The soundtrack was composed by a group called Power Glove. They have a web site, but it's very much a minimal one. There's very little information concerning licenses or permissions. BUT... they do have an e-mail. So I actually did write them an e-mail simply asking basically how does one go about obtaining THEIR permission. As I type this it's been 2 weeks and there's still no replies.

So now out of desperation for answers I decided to come here on Ubisoft's forums because... well, because Ubisoft MADE the game and published it too. So I do assume they they, too, would have their words or at least their advice to give on this subject.

If ANYONE here "in the known" on this subject would be able to enlighten me I would highly appreciate it.

All I want to know is do I HAVE to ask for permission. If so, WHO do I have to ask this to? And from there, what do I have to "do" to obtain permission? Just giving my overall Twitch channel info? Send them a check or something? Or would I simply NEVER actually have permission at all?

Thanks a lot.