View Full Version : Agents of Boom recruiting players 18+

03-26-2019, 04:45 PM
looking for a clan now is your chance to join one of two or both newly formed clans for Xbox one and Ps4.

These clans are for players that want to take things at their own pace whilst helping the clans to progress through the levels to gain better rewards for its members.

So if you want to run in to the game all guns blazing to reach the end game content feel free, or if you prefer the PVP elements to the game their shall be players once established to match your playstyle, or if like me you like to pretend you know what your doing run in all guns blazing die a lot with my magical quote "um boy's im down Help" right in the middle of the map or in my case the enemy spawn point, we're here for you to enjoy the fun and banter.

Things you should know.

1. The names of each clan.
Xbox One: Agency of Boom.
Ps4: Agents of Boom

2. We are based in the UK so will play in the GMT timezone.

3. A headset and mic is prefered but not essential.

4. A Discord account is preferable as we will be posting event's here. a link will be at the bottom of the post.

5. Must be 18+

So if you would like to join either clan ask for an invite ingame or go to our discord server, and add your name to you chosen consoles channel and i will get the invites sent out asap.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/UaupySz