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03-26-2019, 12:28 PM
I bought Crew 2 for my Son at the weekend but he hasn't been able to play it as I cant get my account to work. Firstly once I set up an account then when I clicked on the verify this account link on my email it took me through to Ubisofts Account Management Website which just continually buffered. Now this morning I managed to get onto their Account Management Website and reset my password to see if this helped. It changed the password but when I go to log on it just buffers again. My kiddo cant play the game without a log on. I cant get through to Ubisoft on the phone or chat and I raised a support ticked on Sunday but have heard nothing back. I might as well throw the game in the bin as he cant play it. Any advice to the contrary would be gratefully received.

Not impressed.

03-29-2019, 12:31 AM
Hey Kerri!

Thank you for contacting us and I am sorry to hear about the issues you've experienced along the way, in order to play The Crew 2.

I have reviewed the case you've created as well as the image posted. In order to assist you, I would advise the following:

1. Try using another device as I can see that it was mobile device used at the time to access the page
2. Additionally, you can also look at your browser settings and make sure you got your cache as well as cookies deleted since that can sometimes prevent you from accessing the website

I can confirm that Ubisoft account is mandatory in order to play the game, however account verification process does not have to be completed in order for you to be able to access the game and it's content :)