View Full Version : Clan: DAD DIVISION

03-25-2019, 06:47 PM
Wild Banana (wild__b)#2484

We're a group of fathers from all over Europe (between 25-50 years of age). An active core of 20 players, we've been playing together for over 5 years and aren't ready to stop notwithstanding parental obligations. :wink: We sit comfortably between being hardcore and chill, but what is sure is we always have a good time. We're looking for a few more members to join our division clan, and consequently our larger gaming community and discord. If you're a gamer dad or a gamer mom, and looking for like minded people to game with, then look no further. JOIN US

Clan Name: Dad Division
Platform(s): PS4
Region: Europe
Language: English/German/Swedish/Dutch/French/portuguese (you'll find someone who speaks your language)
Focus: PvE/PvP
Mic: preferred
Notes: DM (Wild Banana (wild__b)#2484) if you are interested or message PSN Tag: Wild__B or Icegrim79
Otherwise search for the clan in game and send us over a message to confirm.