View Full Version : Oooo you dont say!

03-25-2019, 02:18 PM
Spots still open friends!! Anyone need a home?

Team name: Total Asscheeks
Min level: 10
Type: moderated
No min donations or event participation

We just ask that you do donate, communicate, participate and have fun!
We will kick you for complete inactivity if you haven't given us a heads up.

What we really need is good active people who really aren't happy with their current team and looking for a change. Maybe your leadership has gone silent, or maybe there are few of you carrying your whole team and want more.

We finish our weekend events like nobody's business! This weekends Incan Craig event was completed on the first day! We were number 3 in wars this week(bronze next week no matter what we place lol)...little bit of a participation issue. Which is why we need people who either A)tell us they wont be around for an event or B)play the damn events lol.

Currently there is only 1 actual slot open, but I have some people in mind i can kick if you DM me here that you are interested! Or you can join our discord and ask questions there. https://discord.gg/Rt38vcQ

We are nerds, and we are fun, and we talk about so many things other than south park- because really we are more like family. I know it sounds cheesy but it is true.

Soooooo without further begging, please come check us out!! Total Asscheeks wants YOU .... you can just picture those Uncle Sam posters and replace it with a bu*tface....

Total loayalty to the Queen required. Binding blood signature upon entering. Teehee f*ck you!