View Full Version : Earned stickers not awarded with full inventory

03-24-2019, 10:37 AM
This happened within the first week, but I just got around to reporting it now. I was around my 175th-200th contract and earned a sticker for completion and received the error stating my inventory was full and I could get it in Gear Central later. In my sticker inventory I have a "1" notification for the Display category (I do recall it was a colorful beastie of some sort, so probably one of those at the bottom) that I can't clear and I do not have any "NEW" icons within it. That "1" has been there ever since.

I'm not sure the awarded sticker is now available to purchase at full price since I don't know which one it was, or if it still locked or will remain locked forever. As of now, all the colorful beasties at the bottom of the Display section are available for purchase except the "Beast Mode" wolf, the "Octopus Club" octopus, and the alien with dreadlocks. If any other beastie is unlocked via contracts, presumably I could purchase that to clear it and if that's the case, perhaps a little badge of some sort to indicate what was unlocked would be nice.

A little off topic, but the past few days my inventory situation has been really good and hasn't been duplicating. I haven't received gear crates or challenger crates for a while, though. Oddly, I would randomly receive gear crates after earning any XP (upgraded medal or contract, but not playing a track again) just by backing out to the Home menu, but I wouldn't receive them for levellng up.