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03-24-2019, 01:00 AM
Assassinís Creed: School of Assassins

it would be cool to have an AC game where you can fully customize your assassins face, height and etc at the level of black desert but in a single player experience. Maybe you can hire npcs from around the world to join you as well. It would cool to have 2 to 3 assassins under my command like in ghost recon wild lands. But you would also have the option to not have them with you or play as them instead of yourself. It would be cool to have different types of assassins that I can send on missions and play as.

The combat should be a little more free form but maybe less floaty numbers and god like abilities and more attention to realism. Sort of a cross between origins/odyssey with the older one hit assassinations. Maybe focus on weapon penetration and unlocking skills like picklock rather than full on rpg elements. I think a lot of ppl want cool gear and skills but want to be able to just stab ppl in the heart and neck instead of rolling around like geralt.

Fully customizable.
No on screen indicators unless the player wants them.

Big like origins and oddysey. It should take place in medieval times perhaps? Or Roman Empire. Or more modern day? This would give the player diverse choice of character looks between ethnicities, race etc.

Full customization of physical appearance and gear or create something called the assassin school where you can create fully customizable assassins to work for you on side quests kind of like how metal gear solid 5 worked. Roman coins have been found as far away as Japan so a lot of options if done right. Or just donít care too much. Itís a single player game so just give full choice for player or assassin followers look. I want to travel with companions like Skyrim but have the option to switch between characters like in BioWare games.

Assassin ship and camp to make the above more plausible.

Different breeds of horses instead of just skins that cost a jillion dollars.

Can own multiple ships. Maybe a fleet?
Ships have lifeboat s that drop into the water so that you donít just jump into the water everytime.


Assassins Creed Sanctuary/Academy
Spar with other assassins
Learn new skills
Acquire new gear

03-26-2019, 09:18 AM
Nice post and thanks for sharing this information.. really amazing..

03-26-2019, 02:36 PM
May I ask why the name "School of Assassins"?

Because going back and really exploring an idea like the Masyaf brotherhood's order in an almost "school" like sense would be really cool!

03-27-2019, 07:35 AM
May I ask why the name "School of Assassins"?

Because going back and really exploring an idea like the Masyaf brotherhood's order in an almost "school" like sense would be really cool!

Yeah it sounds kind of dumb lol but having a ďschoolĒ of assassins in Rome would be so cool. It would be a little like ac 1 but Bayek is in charge like Luke Skywalkers jedi academy. It would be like hogwarts/jedi academy for assassins. Rome and the surrounding countryside will be the world and youíll be able to travel around with ai assassins who can be replaced by real ppl if you choose to play with friends. I have lots of ideas for ac games. I will keep posting them. I just want to be able to sneak into temples and forts with my stealth team of assassins. It would be difficult to achieve with ai limitations but yeah thats what i want.

My favorite ac games are ac ii, brotherhood, black flag, and origins btw. I like odyssey as well but i think it went too far. I want to be an assassin, not a mercenary/god who recieves no fall damage.

Ubisoft please let us travel around with ai companions if we want to in the next AC game. And let us customize them a bit. I want my assassins to wear matching outfits. Sorry for writing so much

03-27-2019, 08:36 PM
Sound pretty cool indeed!

I'd offer a idea myself: Dutch Golden Age.

That time has everything AC has put in their games. Free masons, famous personality's, from musicians, painters to generals and the start of famous pirates roaming the sea's.

Naval battles against the british and spanish empire, exploring the world, create New Amsterdam on Manhattan Island and just conquering the rest of the world!

just a suggestions ;)

03-29-2019, 03:25 PM
Every new Assassin's Creed should be a little closer to Perfect....https://dspncdn.com/a1/media/692x/cf/99/07/cf9907357589bf6e8af88ca3c1d7469c.jpg