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03-23-2019, 10:21 PM
First off, great game! I played a closed beta about 6 months ago and it's a much better experience now. Here are my suggestions, some of them reasonable, some of them unlikely to get changed:

-In the lobby, have a countdown timer, maybe 30 seconds or so. Some people just sit in the lobby and don't ready up or just go idle, a countdown timer would fix that.

-I know this will probably be in the full game, but give us the option to change chat volume and mute players. Sorry if that's already an option, I couldn't find it.

-Boost should either be infinite or one of the abilities should give you infinite boost. I like the idea of having to manage boost, but in the end I just don't think it's as fun. It can kill the feeling of momentum. This is one I know wouldn't be changed since it's a stat for the different character options, but I still think it should be further reflected upon.

-The maps are clearly made for 4 people, but 6-8 people would be ideal. It would take pressure off of people to perform, and if someone quits it's not a game-breaker.

-The last general suggestion is pricing related. I hate to say it but 40 dollars is just too much, considering that it's a multiplayer only game. The successful VR multiplayer games are 20 bucks and under; Pavlov is 10 bucks and has dipped into 5 dollar territory, and it's growing because of that. Give people a 40 dollar barrier and you could have population troubles quite quickly. It may not be fair, but that's the state of VR right now.

Weapon tuning:

-Shotgun should be nerfed, in my opinion. Maybe it's just because everyone is new at the game, but I destroy whenever I have a shotgun/get destroyed whenever anyone else has one. The more labyrinthy levels even more so; it's too easy to sneak up on people. Again, that could just be people's newness to the game. I like that it requires point blank, but even then it should only be a 1hk if the opponent has little to no armor.

-The pump weapons (shotgun and the rail gun) need more vibration feedback. It's hard to tell whether you've pumped or not unless you look at your weapon. There are a couple other things that could probably use increased vibration feedback as well, such as grabbing weapons on your hip.

-slightly more ammo across the board. I like that ammo is limited, it makes you search for weapons, but on some of the weapons I think it goes too quick.

I'll update this if something else comes to mind, but that's it for now. It's a really solid game and I hope it gains popularity. Also, thank you for making it cross-play! That is severely needed for VR multiplayer games.

03-24-2019, 04:11 AM
First of all, sorry that I am hijacking your thread, but maybe they will read them easily all in one place.

Lack of Move Controllers is completely unacceptable, whole immersion is gone

Game completely ruined zero gravity part of it, you are always accelerating and you dont have to worry about "brake", I always pictured Enders Game kind of gameplay.

But this was classic FPS shooter, nothing really unique with really strange controls.