View Full Version : The Enclave is Recruiting [50+ and growing fast]

03-22-2019, 03:25 PM
Are you a fan of Fallout? Do you want to be in a group of other Fallout fans marching patriotically across the DC hellhole? Stand together, with The Enclave, and help exterminate the gangs that now control our beloved nations capital!

We are a Casual clan
50 members and growing as of this message posting.

We are openly joinable, no application needed!

We will do anything you want to do, just to talk casually and make friends and say Enclave-related things as we mow down Hyena’s, True son’s, and the other factions.. and even other players in PvP!

Our clan name is:

Enclave SpecOps

Clan tag is:


No Brotherhood of Steel Allowed! (kidding, its fine. If you just like fallout and want to play with other fallout fans in the division, this is a good clan to join)

See you in DC!