View Full Version : im think so the New heroes Year 3 Season samurai with Axe

03-22-2019, 07:56 AM
year 3 season Samurial with Axe

im think his have healpool 150 or 155

im think his heavy heroes for we not have many heavy heroes in for honor

his combo its short range

im think so his feats have

feats lvl 1

not know feats

not know feats

New feats

Feats Lvl 2

Rock steady

Smoke Bomb

New feats


feats lvl 3

Tough As Nails


New feats

feats lvl 4


Arrow Storm

New feats


black prior got new 4 feats and im think new samurai heroes with axe going get new 4 feats?? not sure think about

and im think so his going get feats

not so many heroes have it feats

feats Steadfast

feats Slippery

Even feats rock steady for samurai faction

im think his heroes hero specific

uninterruptibe stance

heavy attack have hyper armor

zone attack have hyper armor

couse of you see his weapon its pretty short range like berserker and warlord have short range

my question its berserker and warlord have hyperarmor and it have short range can it be sure new samurai axe heores have hyperarmor his weapon short range??????

https://static.altchar.com/live/media/images/950x633_ct/11887_For_honor_929c893d88c2475cf5276b81ab9ed2be.j pg