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03-22-2019, 02:43 AM
I was totally confused and then disappointed after watching all of the trailers that PSVR doesn't offer the same motion controller support as every other platform. I feel totally disadvantaged, and underwhelmed. The game is great! But watching the other PC players, I'm forced to only imagine what fun it must be to have freedom of motion in both hands.

There are lots of ways to implement motion controls with move. Although there are no joysticks, you can bind functions to buttons on each controller. Like circle and square could be used to turn left and right, like how it's used in most other first person PSVR titles. There are lots of buttons on them too. PLEASE, I feel like this is vital to maintain the attention of the audience on PSVR.

03-22-2019, 07:56 AM
I second these sentiments. Was disappointed to hear that the game wouldn't support the Moves or Aim, and even more disappointed after actually trying the DualShock 4 controls in the Open Beta just now. The way the DualShock 4 control is implemented for this game makes it very difficult for me to know where I am aiming. I feel like I am blindfiring every time I shoot a gun. Even if I twist and angle the controller so that my eyes are looking down the sights for one of the guns, I still can't see what I'm shooting at because my character animates and moves his hands in front of my face as soon as I press the trigger button. These controls are so broken. I failed the shooting gallery tutorial challenge twice because I could barely hit the targets I was looking at. My last Team Deathmatch game, 2 PCVR players beat me and another PSVR player 0-12. I love the look of the game and the maps and multiplayer focus, but I'll never buy it unless the controls are patched with some actual tracking. Compared ever other VR shooter I've ever played, it's very unsatisfying to shoot the guns. Seems that the game was made specifically for the Oculus Touch dual-wielding, thumbstick controllers and minimal effort was made to adapt the game to provide other options.

I want to like this game. It seems like it would be a lot of fun if it felt more natural to control and aim with the weapons. Please fix this developers.

(As a secondary issue, I'm also confused by the lack of smooth turning with the thumbsticks. I have no doubt that you'll get a tremendous amount of negative feedback about this and will be patching it immediately, as that happens frequently with PSVR new releases.)

03-22-2019, 04:14 PM
Totally agree with everything, especially the blind fire sentiment. I was always crushed by PC players. It's gotta be fixed

03-22-2019, 11:42 PM
I would like to see multiple control schemes supported for PSVR to give users more options to play how they want.

DualShock 4
1. Allow users to look down the sights of the guns when dual-wielding. Remove the animation where the character jolts his hands in front of your face as soon as you press the trigger button. As a lesser alternative, you could add a permanent crosshair in between the guns like in flat games. Currently, I can't see where I'm aiming without firing the gun and watching the bullet spray.
2. Needs smooth turning. Click-turning is unintuitive nonsense. I need to be able to rotate my camera quickly to turn around and shoot people behind me.
3. Allow option for gun-pointing navigation instead of head-look navigation. Moving in the direction your gun is pointing allows users to scan their surroundings while moving without necessarily changing direction. This is a staple benefit of VR over flat gaming!
4. Allow option to invert Y-axis. Read lots of people complaining about this.

1. Although the Aim is a two-handed controller and Space Junkies is made for dual-wielding, don't dismiss this controller. It's Sony's gun-shaped peripheral and premiere thumb-stick controller for VR gun games. Support it. I'm willing to bet that Borderlands 2 VR almost doubled its sales after the Aim patch. PSVR users want to play Aim games. They buy the thing for $50-80 and then immediately go online and look up lists of which games support it and make out their wishlists based on that compatibility.
2. The main concept is that you hold a physical gun in your hands and look down it's sights to shoot in VR. That is what satisfying VR gun gameplay feels like and what Space Junkies is currently missing on PlayStation.
3. Aim support can theoretically work exactly like the DS4 controls. Has all the same buttons and sticks, except it feels 1:1 when controlling the two-handed weapons.
4. Option 1: Refine the animation of your character sticking out both hands close together with both guns locked onto the same target. Character holds both guns at an angle so that the iron sights for both guns are near the iron sights of the Aim peripheral. Trigger (R2) fires right gun. L2 fires left gun. Furthermore, in options, allow user to specify a viewpoint offset for which gun is centered in view: right, left, or centered in-between both guns. In "right" and "left" the iron sights of that gun are lined up with the sights of the Aim controller.
5. Option 2: Doom VFR chose to attach one gun to the aim peripheral and one to your head, allowing look-to-shoot with the left arm and point-to-shoot with the right arm. This works too, providing the ability to dual-wield and shoot multiple targets at once. However, their iteration looked really stupid, having a limp left arm attached to your head. If you like this method, please do your best to make your characters arms extend from their appropriate locations.
6. Option 3: Arizona Sunshine and Brookhaven Experiment went as far as providing an alternate two-handed weapon mode where all one-handed weapons were replaced with two-handed weapons when using the Aim controller. In Farpoint and Evasion, shields can be activated, centered around the gun barrel of a two-handed weapon as an alternative to dual-wielding one shield and one gun. Removing dual-wielding may not be feasible, but it's something to consider for a better adaptation.
7. Don't forget to add swap stick options for left-handed Aim players.

1. This obviously presents a challenge for quick and effective movement due to the lack of thumbsticks, further complicated by the game's 6-degrees of freedom movement. Try finding the best control scheme for it anyway to give PSVR users the option to dual-wield guns properly like PCVR users.

Moves + 3dRudder
1. This combination should be able to control dual-wielding and movement equally to the PCVR controllers. You have to support this method upon 3dRudder release.

Best of luck to the Ubisoft developers. You've done a lot of things right with the core game already, but please patch better PSVR controls asap. I really like it otherwise and hope to play a fun version of your game soon. :)

03-27-2019, 05:23 PM
Hello everybody,

Your thoughts on the PlayStation VR version's controls are much appreciated, and rest assured we are making sure they are heard.

We decided to opt for DualShock 4 support as it was the most widely available controller for PSVR.

That being said, we've had our ears to the ground, and we are more than willing to explore other options for the game based on the feedback that the community provides to us.

So thank you for sharing your thoughts!


03-29-2019, 05:02 PM
Totall agree with multiple control schemes.
DS4 contols should be only the basis for PSVR casual players which has only bought the Headsets.
Most of the players who are playing shooters on PSVR have already bought MOVE or Aim Controller or have both of'em.

03-29-2019, 09:02 PM
Passa a italianoThank you for considering psvr players.
I think the best thing is to add the ability to customize the controls.
1. On the joypad there must be the possibility of a viewfinder in the center of the screen linked not to the viewer but to the JOYPAD OR AIM CONTROLLER. In this way one has the possibility to look around to see where the enemies are, to TURN and hook the target. I see it very practical for the joypad the movements like the normal fps (apex legends example): lever right down I look below, up I look up, right I look to the right NOT A SHOT, left even so.
2. Option of not having 2 weapons in hand, but one at a time you can change.
3. I believe that for the connection with pc players, there must be a difference of health points taken away with each shot: for pc it is much easier, so the health points that take away from ps4 players must be lower to play "at par" .
The game is very nice, but unfortunately the hateful controllers that Sony doesn't want to change to adapt to the times don't allow a satisfying game.
If you do not take into consideration these problems encountered by the players, I doubt that they will want to continue playing: I tried against PCs, after 5 minutes I removed the possibility against PCs, and after 10 minutes I also removed against PS4. With controller so you can't play, the urge passes. Please take into consideration the possibility of configuring the controls at will.
From Italy

04-02-2019, 05:12 PM
Hi there everybody,

In case you missed the news, we announced recently that PlayStation Move support is in the works.
For everything else, we're still keeping our ears to the ground and taking all of your feedback on board.

Thanks very much for sharing your ideas.