View Full Version : Rainbow Six Is Freeze On Dual Core Two Tread Processors

03-21-2019, 06:10 PM
Since Year 4 Update My Game Is not Working.When I Open the Game And Start to Find A Match Then Match Is Loading(After Matchmake) Game Get Freeze.I didn't Play The Game Since Year 4 Update. After That I asked Some Peoples And Groups then I realize This Problem is Only For Dual Core 2 Thread Processors (Mine Is - Intel Pentium G4400) I m begging From Ubisoft Please Fix The Problem And Fix The Game For Us _/\_

03-31-2019, 10:05 PM
This sounds very much like the issue I am currently experiencing.

I have just purchased Rainbow Six Siege, and I have been unable to play it at all. Basically, the game runs fine up until the menus, but after selecting 'Situations' and entering the first (tutorial) mission, the game completely freezes, requiring an CTRL+ALT+DEL and 'End Task' from the Task Manager. Attempting Multiplayer mode does the same. I have been told that the game now requires a minimum CPU of Intel i3 560 in order to run, however I have an Intel G3258 3.2GHz Pentium which is also a dual core CPU, so I would expect the game to run just fine.

Please can someone from UBISoft confirm whether there are issues running the game on anything other than an Intel i3 560 CPU as a minimum, or if a fix is in the works for any potential issues that have arisen since the Burnt Horizon release, because if I cannot even play the game then I will need to follow up on obtaining a refund.

Thank you in advance.