View Full Version : Resurrection: Live Die Repeat - A Clan for older gamers is recruiting.

03-20-2019, 09:48 PM
Resurrection: Live Die Repeat aims to be mature gaming community, built with the intention to provide gamers with a relaxed hub to meet and interact with other players. We are men and women that have kids, spouses (some of us), work, and other responsibilities but still enjoy gaming on the PlayStation in our spare time. Some members play 12 hours a day and some play 2 hours a week.

We are in a rebuilding phase and once we get enough members we will setup weekly and weekend events for folks to participate in and to have fun.

We use Discord to communicate as another resource to keep members up to date on things or just to let members know when we are jumping on.
There are two things we ask: Be over 30 (some exceptions) and that members try to keep updated with the community by checking out Discord every now and again.

- Majority of our members are in their 30 - 40s and have lives outside of video games. Consider this before joining.
- Members of Resurrection: LDR are considered to be part of a family, with each one of us being dedicated and loyal to only Resurrection LDR. Do not apply to join if you're in other clans/communities or if you like to hop between clans.
- Microphones are not essential, but try to use one if you have it.
- Respect everybody. We value banter but don't take it too far. We're people too...
- No spamming, it's annoying.