View Full Version : GFH command/battle cry mismatch and/or several at once!

03-20-2019, 03:40 AM
While using Horatio I noticed something odd
While using the "Attack target" or "Follow me" commands while having a (Horatio in my case) GFH assigned sometimes caused battle-cries and/or command affirmation sounds.

Specifically Nana. While using Horatio for some long distance "Attack target" runs scouting the roads from a billboard I could clearly hear Nana confirming my commands, not over the radio but as if she were close by. This is also true for some random grunting or fighting sounds. It isn't reoccurring frequently nor is it a real problem, yet worth mentioning.

Circumstantial variables
- I hadn't used Nana the session it happened and she wasn't physically present, at least not visible.
- It only happened with Horatio and Nana
- It wasn't sequential, rather random and seldom
- Horatio's distance didn't have any effect on Nana's "ghost replies", Nana remained audibly directly beside me or close by
- Complements while performing Head-shot and confirmation on command as well as one or two combat scenario comments

Perhaps someone else experienced this, if so leave a comment?
It's worth noticing it has only occurred in the current release of the client, never before.

- Thank you!

03-21-2019, 03:35 AM
Hi Slimmbo!

Would you be able to upload a video showing your issue please?
We can then get this to the dev team for investigation :)