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03-19-2019, 09:52 PM
I feel that I have been relatively lucky with just a few disconnects from the WDF using Xbox. When I have been disconnected, it has only been once during a session, and often after dancing to several songs already.

Today I was disconnected after dancing to 6 songs, but the timing was the issue. Just as I finished my third dance in a Classic tournament, just after it showed me how many Perfects, Supers, Goods, and OK's I had, I received the disconnect error message. So, unfortunately, after dancing to three songs in a row in the tournament, I have no idea where I finished in the standings.

However, I'm pretty happy. I improved my personal best score on 3 of the 6 dances today (including a difficult one for me that I've been working very hard to learn). The last dance, when I had been disconnected, was my best dance, and when I returned to the song list off the dance floor, I saw that I had improved my previous best score by nearly 100 points. So even though I didn't get to see how I placed in the tournament, it was still a happy finish.

I can suggest a simple solution to the issue that I experienced today. Off the world dance floor, when you first go into Just Dance, there is an announcement / news section. It would be cool if one of these slots could be used to display the leaderboard from the most recent Classic and Weekly tournaments. The message that you first see might be something like, Check out recent WDF leaderboards. When you click on it, it might show the song list for the most recent Classic (this way, you could tell if the leaderboard was for the tournament that you just finished, since there may be a delay in updating the leaderboard), then you click OK to continue, then it displays the last page of the leaderboard with the overall results, and repeats for the recent Weekly tournament. If you participated in the tournament, it could also show you your score on the next screen. Judging from my score, I would be able to tell when the disconnect occurred approximately (maybe it occurred earlier but the game let me continue and finish my dance?), and I wouldn't have to wonder what other players saw for my final score.

There is another advantage to this. When I finish a tournament, although there is an option on Xbox to take a screenshot or video capture, I'm reluctant to do it. The last time I tried this with JD2018, I was disconnected from the WDF when I did this. Plus, I often forget to do it until it's too late, or get the buttons mixed up in my hurry to do it. If the leaderboard could be accessed later from the announcement / news section, it would be easy to take a screenshot of the leaderboard without getting kicked off the dance floor in the process.

Thank you for working on the connection issues. :-)

03-21-2019, 07:37 PM
Hi greekphysics! Thank you so much for your detailed input on the World Dance Floor Disconnections. We sincerely appreciate it. We will pass this on to the proper JD team for evaluation. Thanks again!