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03-19-2019, 01:51 PM
Hello. I haven't posted here in a very long time. I was producing a track back on Trials Fusion in 2015 called "Maximum Threat", that I later renamed to "Broadsword: Operation Mosquito". I never finished it because of the limitations of Fusion's engine, and aesthetic. Rising has bought my motivation back, and with the years of experience with the trials programming system has allowed me to turn this out in just a couple of days:

(playlist in descending order)

my plan is to of course release this as a skill game, and I'll be posting videos here if I make and interesting progress or discoveries along the way.

While I am here suggestions are greatly appreciated, I'll take suggestions for mechanics and for the setting/scenario for the level. Feel free to suggest multiple ideas, as I can retro fit this truck into new levels, since it can all be saved and exported as a single asset, and imported from the favourites.

Implemented features:
-Turning (with steering differential)
-Acceleration (6 wheel drive)
-6 wheel Solid axle coil suspension (up and down)
-Deceleration and braking
-Engine sound
-Air brakes sound on stop
-Machine gun turret (360rotate, 30arc)
-Firing sound and muzzle flash

Planned features:
-Simulated gear shifting sound effect
-Land mines (known)
-NPC-player tracking (known)
-Player health (known)
-Player damage output (known)
-Animated set pieces (some known)
-Urban scenario
-Alternative scenarios
-6 wheel solid axle coil suspension (full functionality: banking)
-Bird's eye view map (known)
-Fine aim/close quarters camera

The Trials Fusion track "Maximum Threat"/"Broadsword: Operation Mosquito" is here if you're interested:

Thanks, I look forward to the feedback.

Update: Newly working handbrake and progress on the alternative camera view.