View Full Version : Global Multiplayer broken since last Friday (3/8)

03-19-2019, 07:25 AM
Hey guys,

I haven't been able to get into Global Multiplayer since last Friday 3/8. I contacted Ubisoft tech support and my ISP. After confirming with my ISP that none of the ports TR uses for matchmaking are blocked, I set up all ports for port-forwarding with no luck, and after doing some testing with TCPView the Ubisoft rep determined it might be a bug with the matchmaking server. I wanted to post the issue here as well for visiblity - and to inquire if anyone else has experienced the same issue. For reference, the in-game message is "Nat Detection Error DONKEY-00080002".

Additionally, if I select Global Multiplayer from the menu, a "Loading..." message will show up as well as the button to press to cancel. If I cancel from this point, the game will either crash, or hang for a while before I can navigate the menu again. If I enter into single player from this point, the map does not load, and all I see is a black screen with a few UI elements.

It's a real bummer. I was enjoying multiplayer while it lasted. It's bad enough that people are not bothering to queue for various reasons, then on top of that I can't even connect to matchmaking, yet I have zero problems with matchmaking in other games.

03-22-2019, 06:30 AM
You fixed it!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! :d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d

03-22-2019, 06:31 AM
Apparently the emojis are broken lol