View Full Version : Kamehameha Clan looking for more players!

03-19-2019, 04:37 AM
Hey everyone! Hope you guys are having a great day! We happen to got lucky enough to get the name "Kamehameha" as a clan name. We're new players here too, but anyone can join. The clan is open so, literally anyone could join. Honestly, you ever just wanna join a clan for the rewards but like, not wanna talk and stuff? Yeah, we're that clan. Do you wanna just join for the rewards and have "BUU" as your clan tag? Yeah, join. Obviously if someone is not pulling their weight and helping the clan get towards the goal of leveling, then you're kicked no questions asked. But! We are aiming towards a friendly community, so if you're not comfortable talking or interacting its fine, just help level up the clan and we'll help you when we can. :)