View Full Version : Group Two (TWO) Recruiting 21+

03-18-2019, 04:39 PM
Iíll start by saying if youíre not 21 itís not the end of the world but the group average age is about 25+. We communicate mostly in our discord so ask me for an invite if you want to join. We will be diving hard into end game especially with the new raid. We are a pretty laid back group. There is no skill requirement just be friendly and please have a mic. As a group a bunch of us have been playing games together for as long as 4 years and some as little as a couple months but it feels like just as long. We play multiple games on the box so if you want a long time gaming group we are the clan for you. Message my GT: Groat Simulator to get the quickest response or I will try and follow up with everyone who posts here or finds us in game. See you in DC agents!