View Full Version : Suggestion What I would Love to see in a New Assassinís Creed Game

03-18-2019, 05:02 AM
After Playing every game console version of Assassinís Creed, I can firmly say I know what Iíd love to see with the future of this franchise. Here is my definition of a Next Gen Assassinís Creed Game with features and Gameplay Mechanics Iíd love to see...

-Social Stealth

-Parkour with Unity Flair

-fully fledged out RPG Elements

-Multiplayer from Brotherhood to Black Flag with added features. All maps and characters.

-Co-Op from Unity but as big as The Division or Red Dead Online

-Naval/Horse gameplay and Travel elements

-Dynamic weather (Snow, Rain, Sandstorms, Fog, Thunderstorms)

-Full Customizations options. A combination of Unity and Odyssey customization.

-One giant Open World on disc/download with optional multiple areas if they are Online and can connect to servers. (I know some would disagree, but bear with me.)

-Choosing Your own stealth kill/Combat style variations from across the series. (Can choose Ezioís Combat style from Brotherhood/Revelations with Unity/Black Flag Stealth Kills as an example.)

What would You add to make this game more fun and have more variety for everyone to get a feel for? Let me know in the comments. Iíd love to hear new ideas.