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03-17-2019, 11:07 PM
Ok I've been playing for Honor for about a month now. I don't like certain things that keep going on but I can't control that. however there are a few things with it I would like to be able to control about my character.

1 I would like to have a pool of feats that I get to choose from. Because their are alot of level 1 feats that seem way more useful for another character then the ones they already have. And their are also other level 1 feats that are more useful than 2 level feats.
For instance let's use Kensei for a example.
Level ones are
Iron lung.
Body count.
Fast recovery.

Then we have level 2 being
Chilling stare.
Smoke bomb

Why can't I not pick let's say fast recovery and body count as my first two feats. They seem like a perfectly fine match because I would be giving up any other benefits. I know alot of you would say use want stare instead and I would agree from time to time. But honestly think about it do you use it that often to your benefits.
The answer is no because you activate it and go to start the fight and suddenly some one kills your target in a few blows.

So the commander and the guardian are about the only other times you use it and everyone is in ganked mode anyway. I don't ever recall a single one on one with either of those. Because someone sees your working them down and jumped in.

For another example of this is warlord his 3rd tier feats are a complete joke list compared to the ones who have health recovery or as in Shugoki's case health loss equals more damage reduction.
Would the warlord not benefit from the exact same things to make the class as a whole better.

I think it would be pretty easy to just make a current list of each classes feats and say here. You decide on what you want your character to have but nothing out of this list.

I think that might actually be more beneficial to you guys as a developer even more because then you won't constantly be bothered by the demands of a character we work. Because you left it in the players hands on how to make it work. So their for it's our fault if we still fail.

2 the perk system really is something that is the most disliked thing to me. Because I can't ever seem to get the right combination of pieces for what I would like to do.
I mean I can pull off the three perks thing but never the right combination. For example let's say I try and build up perk E&F I can't ever get perk C .

Wich on a raider those three kinda seem like they all should go hand in hand. I mean devourer survival instinct and head hunter seem like a no brainier. However I am able to get is devourer head hunter and endurance.

Don't get me wrong a decent combination in it's self but to get survival instincts it seems I end up with shields up around aegis and lose either head hunter or devourer but stuck with endurance. If that is the main perk you wanted to focus on for the raider why not make it a automatic ability.

Their are other characters this happens to also warlord seems to me that the only way to get any benefit for any perk is to either.
A defend every zone in any game style or carrying a flag but their is not a whole lot of options their.
Or B get into situations that you have almost no chance in gaining a benefit from because your either almost dead or team mates have ruined the build up of because of the changes in the revenge mechanics.

Why not let us choose what perk we want because in warlords situation I would prefer to have devourer last stand and shields up. I mean you want me to play him defensively that's fine with me but I can't run to a healing node and be in as zone. And most of the time if your playing defensively any way you get ganked on by 3 or four guys before you have a chance to get there.

3 This is one of the most annoying of the things I have ever come across. Your locked on and been in combat with someone and have done everything to the point where your about to execute your opponent. And suddenly your shoved out of the way buy some one from behind and lose both the benefits of the execution and the 48 renown for killing the hero.

Their seriously should be something that locks the benefits to the person who does the most damage and or had started the combat. It's even happened with the guardian. You work him down with stood all his attacks and with one blow left someone flies in not doing anything but the last hit and boom they get the bonus renown with no effort.

4 And the last thing I want to say is some type of marker on the scoreboard of who actually got the last hit on the commander. Because we have no idea who it was not even a event note. And if I conquer zone B in domination match why doesn't it count as an objective. Every other zone does and if you lose it you get an objective point for recapturing it?